Frequently Asked Questions

What are the horns made of?

Cow, steer and bull horns from Texas Longhorn, Spanish short horn & Watusi cattle.

Are they real or did you make them?

Well, technically the cattle made them; we just did the rest of the work.

Are they safe to drink from?

Yes, we have cleaned & coated the inside of each with a two part polymer resin that is hot, cold or alcoholic beverage safe.

How much does each size horn hold?

Since horns are a naturally grown resource, the thickness of the horn walls can vary greatly. That said, several horns of exactly the same length will all have different volumes. If volume is the issue, start with that request first. We will try to accommodate both your pocket book and your drinking request.

How do I clean/care for the horn?

Horns are coated with a two part polymer resin. They can hold hot or cold beverages that can be either of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic nature.

Wash with hot water and any dish soap. If necessary, use a bottle brush. Not recommended for use in a dishwasher.

Twice a year: wipe down outside of horn with a non-toxic oil or no wax polish to prevent horn from drying out. You can use Murphy's Lemon Oil or Scotts Liquid Gold but be sure to wash the horn before next use. All horns are fully sealed on the inside so it will not dry out. Try not to display the horn out in the weather or in direct sun-light (such as in a window).

Not recommended for use in microwaves.

Horns have a lifetime warranty. We do free repairs on horns that have trouble with the coating or a manufacture defect (leaks). Damage from abuse or an animal will incur a repair fee based on severity of damage.

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